Simple to use! - Simply Powerful!
Grocery-Tracker is a complete grocery management system.
While it can be used as a simple shopping list app, it is designed to help you manage all aspects of your groceries.
Grocery-Tracker deals with the products that you actually use.  Not a list of thousands of products you don't use.  Simply add what you actually use, quickly, easily. Once. Then use any one of Grocery-Tracker's quick find features to locate an item.  Just a few taps, not typing the same thing again and again to find it to add to your list.
It is based on entering products by barcode.  As such, GT has a database of over 500,000 bar coded products.  On top of that, GT is growing its database with every item you scan that is not already found.  There is also an option to include a Public database with over a million products.  We know that many products are not found, but once you enter a product, it will be remembered and can be scanned again and again.
We could make a list of products and load them, but what are the odds that they would be the right products for a given user? 
Shopping apps seem to come in one of three models. 
  1. Those that include 50,000-100,000 existing products and require you to type part of the description every time you need to add something to your list.
  2. Those that require you to enter every product you use manually.
  3. Those that are hybrids, with the ability to use a scanner to find products or directly enter the data.
Grocery-Tracker is a Hybrid.  When you look at some other Android apps in Category 1, one is over 7.8MB and another is over 9.3MB.  GT with the 400 some  products that a user typically uses, including inventory tracking, price tracking and everything else, is less then 2MB.
Simple to use! - Simply Powerful!
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