Simple to use! - Simply Powerful!
The Tab-Bar is located at the top of the Grocery Tracker window when using the advanced Tabbed Interface setting. It is comprised of many selectable Tabs. Shop, Inventory, Menus, RecipesMore, Coupons and Settings are just a few.  The Tab-Bar scrolls left and right to expose additional options.
You activate a Tab by pressing it. The currently active Tab will become light gray in color.  The inactive Tabs will remain dark gray.
The Shop tab controls 4 screens.
The screens are easily identified by
their uniquely colored Title Bars.
This screen is used to add products to the current shopping list.  It displays products from your personal Master Product Catalog and places a count in front of any products currently on your shopping list.
This screen is used to manage the current shopping list.  It displays all items on the list and allows you to quickly check product on or off, denoting that they are in your cart or not.
Long-pressing on a product will bring up the "Manage Item" screen providing many edit capabilities.
The Shopping Cart screen displays what is currently in your shopping cart along with a total price, including coupon savings and  taxes.
The Stock Cart screen is used to manage moving your shopping cart into Inventory.
Just like when you put your groceries away in your home, this screen is used to put your groceries into your Inventory.
The 4 colored Shop screens are logically side-by-side within the interface.
You can change shopping modes in either of 2 ways:
1.  Swipe Left / Swipe Right
2.  Tap the colored Mode Buttons on either side of the Title-Bar.
Another way of looking at the relationships between screens.
Simple to use! - Simply Powerful!
gtp_userguide003006.jpg gtp_userguide003005.jpg gtp_userguide003004.jpg
The Shop tab controls the 4 Shop screens.   At the top of each screen is the Title Bar.  The Title Bar is composed of 3 different buttons.  The center button provides a list of available stores.  The left and right buttons take you to the next and previous screens as requested.
Each button is color coded so you can quickly know what the current screen is and what screens the side buttons will take you to.
In the example below, we are in the Shop @ screen and the left button will take us to the Shop Add screen and the right button will take us to the Shop Cart screen.
gtp_userguide003003.jpg gtp_userguide003002.jpg
This shows the Title Bar and the pop-up window that appears when you press the middle button.
This pop-up also allows quick access to Add/Edit your shopping lists, Adjust the Tax Rate per list and sort your Categories per each list.