Once saved, you can then add the Ingredients and Directions to that recipe.  To Add Ingredients, Directions or edit the Recipe Header, tap the top right Options button.  This will display the options screen.
Recipe Ingredients - this screen is used to define the ingredients used in the recipe.
  1. Link: will display a check when an ingredient is linked to a product
    The Edit Recipe Ingredients screen displays the Recipe Name, a working input section and a list of the ingredients on the recipe. 
Sample Recipe Ingredients screen
To use the Edit Recipe Ingredients screen, either enter an ingredients description or tap on an existing ingredient to populate the working section.

Enter the appropriate data and tap the Save button to save the ingredient.

To add a New ingredient, simply enter the information in the appropriate screen fields.  If an ingredient is already being displayed, tap the New button to present a blank working area.
Sample Link Recipe Ingredients screen
As you can see in the example above, for Granny Smith apples, we are saying that either "Delicious Apples" or "Granny Smith Apples" can be used for this recipe.
To link an ingredient, tap the ingredient to make it active.  Then, tap the "Link" check box and the "Link Products to Recipe Ingredients" screen will display.

When the screen is first displayed, if no products are linked to that ingredient, the list of linked ingredients will be blank.

Tap the Show All Products button to display all possible products in your Product Catalog.
Recipe Directions- used to define the directions used in the recipe.
The Edit Recipe Directions screen displays the Recipe Name, a working input section and a list of the ingredients on the recipe. 
Sample Edit Recipe Directions screen
Please see the "Introduction to View Inventory" topic for more information.
Typical "Recipe" apps only add generic ingredients to their lists, for example "Apples".  Because we potentially track products via Bar Codes and also track Inventory, we could have many different products that fulfill a given Ingredients requirements.

A good example is in the "Apple Crisp" recipe.  In this case, we have 2 different types of Apples in our Product Catalog that will satisfy the recipe.  When you tap the Link check box, the Link Recipe Ingredients screen is displayed.
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Recipes in Grocery-Tracker are made up of 3 different components.
  1. Recipe Header -         used to define the recipe itself.
  2. Recipe Ingredients - used to define the ingredients used in the recipe.
  3. Recipe Directions -   used to define the directions to make the recipe.
Add New Recipe:

To add a new recipe, go to the Recipe Tab and tap the Add button at the top right in the Title Bar.

This will take you into the Edit Recipe (Recipe Header) section. 
  Simply fill out the data and tap the Save button.

Recipe Header
- used to define the recipe itself.
Since recipes have quantities that don't always align with actual products, tapping the arrow button next to the Qty field will bring up the Edit Ingredient Quantities window. 
An example would be where the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of something.  In order to actually add this to your shopping list, or deduct it from inventory, the number is also stored with its decimal quantity, .5.
In this window, you can refine how the quantity is used.