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Steps to create a User Profile and register the device.
    1. Novice Interface: Tap the "Options" key.
    2. Tap  "More > Maintenance > User Profile".
    3. Fill out the information making sure to fill in the Customer ID, Password, Customer Name and Shopping List Alias.
    4. Than tap the "Register" button to register the device.
User Profile Device 1
Buddy Profile Device 1
User Profile Device 2
Buddy Profile Device 2
Steps to create a Buddy record.
    1. Tap  "More > Maintenance > Sharing".
    2. Tap "Setup Buddy(s)". 
    3. Tap the top right "Add" button.
    4. Fill in the screen and tap the "Save" button.
    5. On the "Buddies" screen, make sure that your buddy record is active.
    6. To edit an existing buddy, long-press the buddy record to edit.
Steps to send a shopping list using "Share" Toolbar option
    1. Go to the "Shop @" screen (green title bar).
    2. Tap the "Share" option 
    3. Select "Send to Buddy"
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Share Button
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Steps to receive a shopping list from a Buddy (Import).
    1. Go to the "Shop @" screen (green title bar).
    2. Tap the "Share" option 
    3. Select "Get From Buddy"
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Options Key
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To send your shopping list, tap the "Share" button and a selection menu will display as shown.
In order to share Shopping Lists between phones, you must first create a User Profile, and a Buddy record on both devices as well as register both devices.

To simply email a shopping list, either do not add a Buddy record or create the Buddy record and mark it Email Only. If there is no Active Buddy found, the list will be emailed and you will be prompted to enter the users email address. If the active Buddy is marked "Email Only", the email address will automatically be populated for you.
There are different ways to share a Shopping List with others.
    1. Send to Buddy (This allows you to directly import the list into another devices Grocery-Tracker shopping list).
    2. Share the list
      1. This option sends the list using Androids Share function 
        1. Email
        2. Message
        3. Etc.
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The next step is to make the buddy active by tapping the check box.
Optionally,  you can go into Settings and set the "Set Import Polling Interval" option.  This way, the system will automatically load new shopping lists.
The disadvantage to this is that the phone will be accessing the network continuously looking for data to download.