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In Grocery-Tracker, Categories are used as Aisles, and are tied to Shopping Lists. 
You control what categories are available, what their names are and can adjust the sort order per each Shopping list.
This allows you to arrange things the way you want.
To define categories the way you want, go to the "Options" screen, and then tap "Categories".
Once in the Categories screen, tapping on a category will turn its check-box on or off, enabling or disabling that category.
To change the Category Sort or to set active individual categories for a Shopping list, go to the "Category Sort/Configure" screen.

Tap on the Shopping list you want to adjust.
Long tapping on a category will bring up the Manage Categories screen.

Here, you can change the name or remove a category.

If you already have products mapped to a category, you will not be allowed to remove it until you re-map the products to another category.
The "Set Category Sort" option will allow you to arrange the categories the way you want.

Grab the adjustment button to the left of a category to move it up or down.

You can only drag to the top or bottom of the screen at one time. To move a category farther up or down, ungrab the item and drag the screen up or down as needed.

Then, continue moving your item.

When complete, you must SAVE your changes by tapping the green Check mark.
Options Screen
Category Screen
Manage Categories
Category Sort Screen
Category Selection Screen
To display your List sorted by Categories, just tap the "Category" button on the bottom toolbar and select "Display Categories".
Shopping List
Simple to use! - Simply Powerful!
With ProKey, you can assign different colors to each category!
Aisle Only - this option allows ProKey
users to define this item for use as an Aisle. This allows the item to sort to the top when selecting Aisles for a product.
Then, select the option you want to adjust.

The "Configure Categories" option will allow you to enable or disable categories per Shopping list.
With ProKey, you can assign different Aisles to each Product for each different Shopping list!