When you tap on "Shopping List" from the main screen, you are presented with your current shopping list.

If there are no active products in your list, you will start in the "Add To" screen.

To add products to your list, simply tap on them. Tapping a second time increases the quantity by 1.
Initial Screen
Shop Add Screen
When first started, Grocery-Tracker starts in the Shop@ screen. This is the main screen used for shopping.

The screen has tabs at the top (scrolling) that can be use to access the many different sections of Grocery-Tracker.
Welcome to Grocery-Tracker, the complete grocery management system.
This guide will help you get started using many features in Grocery-Tracker.

While Grocery-Tracker can be simple to use, it includes many features for the user that wants more then just another shopping list app.,
Once you have made your list, simply tap the top right "Shop" button and your shopping list will be displayed.
Shop @ Screen
As you place items in your shopping cart, simply check them off by tapping on them. Once checked off, the checkmark will display and the description will change to red.
Cart For Screen
At any time, tapping on the red "Cart" button will display the Cart screen. This screen only shows what is currently in your cart.
Example Options screen
Tapping the "Options" button on any screen will display many additional options.
Settings for Everything
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Manage Item Screen
Long-pressing on a product will bring up the "Manage Item" screen. From this screen, you can change the quantity, add a note, enter a price, coupon or sale price.
Add Product Screen
From the "Add To" screen, tapping the top left "New" button will bring up the "Add Product" screen.

From this screen, you can quickly add new products to your Product Catalog.

You only need to enter the "Category" and "Name" to add your own products.
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When looking at the title bar, the button in the middle (“main button”) tells you which screen you are in. The smaller buttons are used to navigate to other Shopping List screens.
To change Shopping Lists:
Simple to use! - Simply Powerful!
The “Shopping List” consists of four screens, each identified by a different color:
To change screens:
The "Stock Inventory" screen is used to move your Shopping Cart into your Inventory.

Unchecking a product will remove it from "Stocking". You can change the intended location by selecting a location from the bottom toolbar and then tapping on the location name of the product you want to move.

Then, select the "Stock" button. This will move these items into your inventory.
Stock Inventory Screen
Grocery-Tracker has dozens of user settings to help make the app work best for you.

Here are just a few.
Options Button
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