If you enter a barcode ( or scan one in ) and tap the barcode field, Grocery-Tracker will load the information into the screen for you, if found in its online database.

In this example, the "Name", "Brand" and "Size" were filled in for you.
Product Catalog
The "Product Catalog" is where Grocery-Tracker stores information about the products that you use.

When first installed, Grocery-Tracker loads about 60 generic products to get you started. After that, Grocery-Tracker only displays the products that you use.

To add new products to your catalog, you can either enter them manually or by using the built-in Barcode Scanner (discussed later).
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The Product Catalog screen provides access to manage your personal catalog of products.

Tapping on a product selects it and takes you to the Manage Product screen.

There are many options on the bottom tool-bar to help you quickly locate a specific product.
Manage Product Screen
When you tap on a product, or tap the New button, the "Manage Product" screen will display.

To add your own product, simply select a Category from the drop-down list and enter the Name. Then tap save.

Optionally, you can enter a Brand, Size and Barcode (or use the Scan button to scan a barcode of a product ).
Manage Product Screen
Grocery-Tracker has an online database of over 500,000 products.

In addition to this, if a product is not found in the Grocery-Tracker database, a public database search is performed, providing information on millions of additional products.

You can optionally elect to search all the products other users have entered as well.

If a product is not found, simply enter the information into the screen.

Once. Then, use it again and again, never having to enter it again.

Also, every product you enter is available to all other Grocery-Tracker users.

You can turn this last feature off, in Grocery-Tracker's settings.
The Product-Catalog can actually store much more data about a Product. To access it, tap the "More" button.

This will display additional data and also allow the screen to scroll up and down to present it.
Manage Product More Screen
Tapping the "More" button once again provides access to ALL of the available data, as you can see below.

Scroll your screen up and down to expose all of it on your device.
You can display all of the data every time, by tapping the phones "Menu" key and tapping the "More Details" option.

This changes the setting (found in Settings) to always display this additional data.
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Initial Screen
To access your Product Catalog, tap the phones "Menu" key (slide the tabs-bar left in the Advanced interface), and select the "More" option.

A list of options will appear, including the Product Catalog. Tap on Product Catalog to view your personal catalog.
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