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ProKey Only
ProKey users can also set individual Aisles for each Product per each shopping list.

Tap the "Aisle" button to the right of the Category button to bring up the Aisle editor.

If an Aisle is assigned, the button will display with an X in it like the product to the right
When the Aisle button is tapped, a "Shopping List Aisles" screen will be displayed.

Any already defined Aisles will be displayed.

Tapping on a Shopping List will display a list of Categories/Aisles for selection for that list.
When the Selection window opens, all Aisles will be displayed first, followed by Categories.

Tap on an option to select it.
Here, the shopping list is "Costco", and because Costco does not have an Aisle defined, "Bacon Bits" is displayed under "Condiments", its standard Category.
Here, the shopping list is "Ralph's" and because Ralph's has "Bacon Bits" assigned to Aisle 7, and Aisle 7 for this list was sorted at the top, "Bacon Bits" is displayed first.